With a nursery land located in UAE and overseas (Sri Lanka & China) and plants resources all over the world, we can provide a wide selection of plants from the exotic plants to the specimen trees along with standard ornamental species and the native local plants. Our nurseries have the capacity to meet the demands of the retail and wholesale sectors along with landscape contractors in UAE. We are also able to provide operation and maintenance services with our experienced team comprised of high skilled personnel in the science of nursery and horticulture practices.

Our range of plants includes mature palms and imported trees, we acclimatized and then released it to the market with our guarantee. We offer a similar service for shrubs, vines and ground covers.

We are committed to begin at the forefront of the nursery industry in the region and to contribute positively to the horticultural industry in which we work. We take great satisfaction, enjoyment and pride in our achievements and welcome the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills with our peers.